Part 1 (2017.09.18)

The Art of Creating a Restaurant?


How to make a flat surface into a place that people would want to come and enjoy a meal with a friend, or celebrate an occasion?


This is a journal on the building of Kathleen’s Bistro, a fine-casual restaurant serving global favorites. After building Kathleen’s 5 on the top of the Shanghai Art Museum, and Kathleen’s Waitan on the Bund, we wanted to share the joys and pitfalls of creating our first restaurant in a Bistro concept. The idea is to bring the same standard of taste and service to our customers minus the fine-dining stuffiness. 

所以,本专栏就是特别为即将开业的全新高级休闲餐厅—Kathleen's Bistro 纪录的开业日志。我们将在这里为大家详细介绍从设计、装修,到餐厅诞生的点滴故事。Kathleen's Bistro是凯圣琳餐饮集团于2017年推出的一个全新概念餐厅,它将为顾客提供来自全球的各色风味美食。曾经为大家熟悉的位于上海美术馆顶层的Kathleen's 5以及Kathleen's Waitan正是由她所经营的。Kathleen’s Bistro和所有的以Kathleen命名的餐厅一样, 将一如既往的提供高质量的菜品和服务。

The space we found had been closed for years. 


It was full of debris and walls that made it hard to see the size of the space. We were convinced that the area was good, so we said Yes!

这里遍布砖瓦、碎片, 我们一度难以估计空间的实际大小。但是,我们坚信这里是开启新餐厅的绝佳空间!

The Key People


(from Top right clockwise) Sophie from Simou Design Co; Kathleen of Kathleen’s Waitan; Ben, Executive Chef; Across from him, Sean of Simou Design Co; Tony, General Manager, Kathleen's Waitan. This is the group who will create the look and build up the space. 

图片右边是Simou设计公司的专业设计师Sophie, 凯圣琳餐厅的Kathleen, 主厨Ben;图片左边是设计师Sean, 以及餐厅总经理Tony。 核心团队人员正在讨论新餐厅的设计方案。

Can you imagine what this will look like as the finished restaurant? Let’s use our creativity!

从这张草图中,你能想象这将是一个怎样的全新餐厅吗? 让我们开始尽情创造吧!


Our designers from the Simou Design Co. braved the 40 degree heat and joined us at the location to measure the space. The landlord was readying the space by tearing down the previous restaurant’s kitchen which covered the entire back wall. That’s when we discovered that the land tilted


The front was windows from floor to ceiling, we must be able to do the same with the back wall. 


But even if we enlarged the windows to the maximum. 如果我们把后面的窗户设计和前面一样的呢?

Inside, the window is still only half the height. What we thought could be bay windows in the back was in fact half lodged in a hillside. An unexpected twist, but not a deal breaker.

实际上从室内看,窗户只有墙的一半高,我们以为在后面墙壁上的凸窗其实是半嵌入式的。这是一个意想不到的插曲, 不过我们会有解决办法。 

2017-8- 28

It was easy to decide where to put the kitchen. What else can you do to this triangle shaped space that was enclosed with no windows and far away from the entrance? The designers went to work and came out with the most efficient kitchen that could be squeezed into the tiny space. The bathrooms were easily accessible and yet not intrusive to the rest of the dining space. The plans were done, and the CAD drawings were emailed to the contractors. 


Imagine our surprise when we came to do a site check with the kitchen contractor and discovered that the landlord had jumped the gun and installed the ventilation for the stoves and plumbing points … nowhere near where we needed them to be! Their toilet sewer line was tucked into the furthest corner of the kitchen so that customers would have to cross the kitchen to reach the toilets. And the vents for the kitchen were on the banquet wall with the vent pipes going into the restaurant next to us!

然后,我们和负责厨房设计的承包商进行了一次现场勘查,竟然发现房东已经提前一步安装了通风管道…我的天啊! 这些管道根本不在计划安装的位置!厕所污水管道被塞到了距离厨房最远的角落,这意味着顾客必须通过厨房才能到达厕所。而厨房的通风管道安置在很多顾客会选择落座的就餐位置附近,靠近后墙的唯一一个窗户旁边。灭火器安放在餐厅唯一的一面大墙上,而我们本来打算把灭火器安装到墙内

The water main is in the middle of the dining room.


The wall was designed to be the bar, with a wall of shelves for the bottles of alcohol. Now, there is an electrical box and a fire extinguisher.


Another fire extinguisher was lodged into the only large wall of the space and where we had intended to put a wall installation.


Do we have to throw away a month's worth of designing and start from scratch?? Who’s brave enough to tell the designers? What about all that lost time? We should be starting renovation now, not going back to the drawing board!!

我们应该放弃花了近一个月的设计方案重头开始吗? 谁有勇气告诉的设计师? 浪费的时间又该怎们办?


Kathleen's Bistro, 184 Fucheng Lu, near Citygroup Tower, Shanghai   Reservation & Events: (+86) 21 6660 0989 or 136 6161 4714